True Empowerment Policy

You may have noticed that True Empowerments have changed quite a bit in 2.0; they’re more open-ended, will ONLY work in the chapter of origin, and a Plot team may choose to have them “degrade” over time or stop entirely. In the interest of standardizing expectations for Alliance Denver LARP (ADL) players, we will be instituting the following policy, effective immediately.

1. All True Empowerments will follow this pattern:

  1. All True Empowered rituals get a 5-day effect (Plot-defined, can be very powerful if appropriate)
  2. All True Empowered rituals get a 10-logistic period effect (Medium power), which will take effect when the item is checked in after the event it’s cast in.
  3. All True Empowered rituals get a 20-logistic period effect (Low power), which will take effect once the 10-logistic period effect has expired and the item is subsequently checked in.

This means that all True Empowerments will expire after a total of 30 Logistics Periods of usage after the event they were cast in (since that event is covered in the initial “5 day” period).

2. True Empowerment effects will be on a separate Magic Item tag which is stapled to the main Ritual batch they were cast with. This tag’s duration only gets punched if the True Empowerment tag is checked in (which may be separate from the primary Magic Item tag; see below). If the Magic Item is brought to another chapter, no problem; the True Empowerment tag will not be punched as it is not usable in that other chapter.

3. Any individual character may only utilize one True Empowerment effect at a time from each category. For example:

A player has True Empowerments on four of his items:

  • two in the 20 Logistics Period (“Low power”) duration
  • two in the 10 Logistics Period (“Medium power”) duration

I go to an ADL event. I pick one of the tags in the “Medium power” duration, and one of the tags in the “Low power” duration to check in. The other two True Empowerment tags don’t get punched, as they’re not being used this weekend (but their parent Magic Item tag will get punched). At the event, that player can get a 5 day True Empowerment bonus item, but any subsequent 5 day effects he might gain will not be usable. Similarly, if someone hands them an item with a “Medium power” True Empowerment active, that player will not be able to use it.

4. True Empowerments must be active if their parent Magic Item is brought in, barring the caveats above (only in the chapter they were cast in, and only if you aren’t checking in other True Empowerment tags of the same “power level” category).

ADL reserves the right to change this policy at any time if the Owners of the chapter find that players are abusing it. ADL wants to keep True Empowerments fun and interesting without becoming overwhelming, and it is the intent of this policy to have a good consistent expectation of what they might find in True Empowerments.