Traveler's Writ Policy

From the bottom of our heart, the Owners of Alliance Denver LARP (ADL) would like to say thank you for visiting our site, our game world, and our community. We would like to recognize the investiture of your time, money, and expense by awarding you with this Traveler’s Writ.

This document is an agreement between the owners of ADL and the visiting player to encourage you to come visit our community and enjoy our game once again. We understand that it can be difficult as a traveling player to get involved in the local plot of the ADL world. So, to address that issue, if you know you are going to come back and enjoy ADL again, give our Campaign Plot Team a heads up at! Then, let us know about something you would like to investigate or go on an adventure to do. Last, bring the physical writ (awarded to the traveling player on site by the Owners of ADL) to the next game with you and once you have submitted it to an ADL Owner, our team will make sure that we take care of providing you with that experience! Thanks for continuing to come back and support our game…. And welcome!!!