Tent Compound and Ward Policy

Covered Compound

A covered tent compound is one where all of the tents face towards a single covered pavilion in the center. A single Ward spell will be able to protect an entire covered compound, including all of the tents. Any spaces between the tents should be marked with flagging tape to represent a wall. The entrance of the compound should have a large W placed or hanging to represent a portal for entry. An additional Ward spell will need to be cast if you would like to have multiple portals for your tent compound.

The marshal notes for who is invested should be posted inside the compound, near where the W is placed. Marshal Notes for OOG locations and traps in the pavilion should be placed there as well, but there should also be individual Marshal Notes for each tent.

This means that if you would like to invite a character to come into your tent, you only need to recognize them into the tenting compound, and once inside they can freely move into and out of any of the tents since they are also part of the Ward.

NOTE: That if you are going to enter somebody’s tent uninvited, you must do so with an ADLMarshal present. Even if you have been invited into the ward, or are invested into the ward, an ADL Marshal must be present if you are in somebody else’s stuff without their permission.

Uncovered Compound

If your tent compound does not have a covered pavilion in the center, it cannot be Warded entirely. You may still set up the tents in a circle, and use flagging tape between the tents to represent a walled compound.

Since the entire compound cannot be Warded, creatures with a monster strength of at least 2 can climb the walls with two consecutive 3 counts.

“I climb up one, I climb up two, I climb up three”

“I climb down one, I climb down two, I climb down three”

During both of these 3 counts the creatures are vulnerable to attacks as normal, can not defend themselves, but can still call defensives as normal.