Tavern Keeper

Role and Responsibilites

Overview of the Role

Taverns are the centers of social life in many cultures, making for a good place to meet new people, and food and drink are good for bonding with new acquaintances. Historically for ADL, the tavern has been the gathering place for the in-game community to congregate and socialize, or even fall back to regroup from combat. The ADL Tavern Keeper (TK) is responsible for the storage and maintenance of all the supplies collected to transform that common out of game building on site into an in-world tavern.

Unpacking from On-Site Storage

The TK will be among the first boots on site in order to receive the storage bins that contain all of the equipment and supplies that constitute the tavern. The TK will then facilitate moving those bins to the building we will designate on site as the tavern for unpacking. Once all of the contents have been unpacked, the TK will need to ensure that the storage bins are secured so that they can be used again, at the end of the event, to repack the tavern.

Electronic Candles

Controlling the real world light inside the space we designate as the tavern plays a big part in “selling” the idea that it is a place in a make believe world and not just the communal space of the campsite! To that end, the TK will distribute the electronic candles among each of the tables and around the perimeter of the building (i.e. bookshelves, countertops, windowsills, etc). The candles come with a remote that controls both on/off as well as color. The TK will ensure that they stay on and that the color remains amber/yellow (the color that closest mimics actual candlelight). If a candle runs out of battery life during the course of an event, the TK will be responsible for replacing the batteries from the supply kept in the tavern storage containers.

Window Coverings

In ADL’s continued effort to control the light in the tavern, the TK will be responsible for placing the faux stained glass piece insets into the glass door and window panes that surround the building. This will still allow for light to filter into the interior of the tavern, but will help provide a division between our in game tavern and the outside world. This may sound like a little job, however, our current site has quite a number of glass paned, French style doors and windows! The TK will also need to carefully repack these panes so that they can continue to be used event after event.


Moving forward from the 2021 ADL Season, we will be using the large round tables instead of the long bi-folded tables in the tavern. After having discussions with the community, we made the decision to move to the round tables because they were easier to sit down at and get up from with all of the gear that comes with enjoying our hobby. The TK will be responsible for coordinating the team of volunteers to move the tables and chairs into the tavern space. As well as covering them with the table covers from the tavern storage bins. It will of course also fall to the TK to coordinate the effort to return all of the equipment to its original storage space when the event is finished.

Private Rooms

ADL has purchased and constructed materials to erect temporary walls in the tavern space for the purpose of providing semi-private rooms to use. The TK will be responsible for building these walls and arranging them into the temporary spaces for use by the players. Along with the materials there will be instructions for how to build the walls and how to cover them. All of the materials will be kept with the tavern storage bins.  It will also be the TK’s responsibility to organize the deconstruction of these spaces and to see that the materials are carefully and safely stored again for use at additional events.

Board Games

ADL has procured a selection of board games that provide entertainment while at the same time have the look and feel of being in game. The TK will be responsible for unpacking those games and distributing them as centerpieces to several of the tables scattered around the tavern. Instructions for each game will also need to be placed on the table along with the board games (tucked underneath each one). At the end of the event, the TK will be responsible for carefully packing each board game up and returning it to storage along with all of the other tavern décor.

Packing and Returning to On-Site Storage

ADL is trying to truly make an effort at providing as immersive a tavern environment as we can create! A big part of that goal is going to be a prolonged effort to maintain the quality of items we purchase toward that end by carefully packing and safely storing those items in downtime. The TK will be responsible for coordinating that effort and making sure that the campsite staff remains happy with the state in which we leave that building. The TK will return all of the tavern storage bins to storage and make sure that they are able to be locked away before leaving site.


The Owners of ADL, as well as the whole community, will endeavor to continuously award the TK with abundant gratitude for their volunteered time and service. Without this role, the overall gaming experience at ADL would suffer without the ability to enjoy the communal tavern space. We truly cannot thank you enough!

The TK will be awarded 100 Goblin Points per month that an ADL event is held and tavern setup is performed on site by the TK. The award will be for service during the event as being among the first boots on the ground, unpacking and setting up the tavern on site, and then packing up and securing all of the tavern storage bins and decor before departing site.