Spirit of the Game Policy

We at Alliance Denver LARP (ADL) fully support creating an environment for our players wherein they can have the most enjoyable experience possible. All members of our staff and the players should work together to promote the “Spirit of the Game”. The Alliance rulebook has a section termed the “Spirit of the Rules”. This section brings to light what the “Spirit of the Game” means to us. However, we would also like to briefly explain the idea so that all our players fully understand the nature of the game that we wish to create for them.

There are some rules in the Alliance System that somewhat have loopholes or debatable points which could be used or abused to the benefit of a player, but not in the manner in which the rules were designed. Because of this fact, some players will argue or “lawyer” the rules to a point where the nature of a rule becomes a moot point and the player’s desire to “win” in a situation takes over. This style of play is something that we strongly discourage here at ADL.

To follow the “Spirit of the Game”, continuing to debate whether or not a spell or weapon struck you for more than a moment is a thing you should avoid. The Alliance System is largely an honor system. We expect all our players not to cheat and to promote swift combat situations wherein the amount of arguing concerning hits or spells is very minimal. Respect your fellow players and know that if they tell you something hit you, that they will not be telling you a lie. If it is found that they are lying and it becomes a recurring problem, they will not be welcome to play at ADL for very much longer.

We understand that everyone makes mistakes from time to time and there could be times where both player and NPC alike can make these kinds of mistakes. When they do occur, please try to recognize the nature and intention of the rule and that there may have been a discrepancy in the use of that rule and to play accordingly in regards to that. If your friend calls a “shield spell” instead of a “Spell Shield”, correct him, but accept it. Go on with the game knowing that the “Spirit of the Game” isn’t waiting three seconds and then yelling at the top of your lungs “Blown!” while your friends beat him up.

We at ADL promote playing in the “Spirit of the Game” and using the rules for what they were intended. Nevertheless, even with our promotion of the “Spirit of the Game”, we also discourage a disregard for the rules and taking advantage of the ideals that we set forth while instituting the “Spirit of the Game” at all ADL events.

The reason that we all play in the Alliance is for the experience, for the intensity and for the feeling that one gets when you are surrounded by people who are all there for the same purpose. We would like to promote role-play and staying in character as much as possible and in doing so feel that we will be able to create the best and most fun Alliance experience for all of our membership.

Another aspect of the “Spirit of the Game” that we feel is very important is, staying in character as much as possible. Whether you are traveling through the woods with your friends to scout an enemy encampment, sitting beside the fire telling stories of the days battles, or just relaxing in your cabin, always stay in character. The feeling of immersion and the effectiveness of the suspension of disbelief within an Alliance experience is always improved one hundred percent by its players and plot members staying in game and not making out of game or anachronistic references at any time.

If we find that players have come to ADL with no or little intention to promote the “Spirit of the Game”, we will try our best to instill the “Spirit of the Game” within them, so that they have an enjoyable experience like everyone else. However, if over time, we discover that the player is coming to ADL with the attention to abuse rules and abuse the game in general, then it is likely we will not encourage them to return.

We would hope that all of the players coming to ADL would understand the reasons why we strongly support the “Spirit of the Game”. That keeping in character, playing the Alliance game for the right reasons, the spirit of the rule, not the literal wording of it, will always make for a much more enjoyable experience for you and your friends.