Smoking Policy

Alliance Denver LARP will allow its members to smoke cigarettes, and use a vaping device, in designated smoking areas only. These areas are at present excluded to the parking lot. Additionally, all smokers are expected to police their own cigarette butts by field stripping them and keeping them on their person to dispose of properly once they have left the site.

All smokers that use the smoking designated area are required to keep the area clean and leave NO cigarette butts in the area provided. If it is found that cigarette butts are not being policed properly and the smoking areas are not kept clean, then Alliance Denver LARP will adopt a No Smoking Policy. We do not wish to keep our smokers from smoking, however, smoking is a privilege provided to us by the site contingent on our membership cleaning up after itself. If that privilege is taken advantage of, it will no longer be an option anywhere at our site.