Site Coordinator

Role and Responsibilites

Overview of the Role

The ADL Site Coordinator (SC) assists the community by actively maintaining the relationship that the ADL LARP community has with the site that we continue to enjoy and use month to month. This is done by ensuring that appropriate resources are secured and leveraged appropriately at the onset of an event so that we can all enjoy this hobby we share. Additionally, the ADL SC manages the chores and tasks assigned to the community at the end of events to make sure that we leave the site in a better state than we were allowed to use it in.

Unpacking from On-Site Storage

The SC will be among the first boots on site in order to receive the storage bins that contain all of the equipment and supplies that constitute the tavern. The SC will coordinate the team of community members there to assist with moving everything in the on-site storage to the appropriate building for unpacking. Once all of the contents have been unpacked, the SC will need to ensure that the storage bins are secured by this team so that they can be used again, at the end of the event, to repack the on-site storage facility.

Coordinate End of Event Clean Up Efforts

The ADL SC will receive all of the sign-up sheets that were filled out by our community volunteers ahead of time, and will be responsible for oversight to make sure all of the assigned tasks are carried out.

Packing and Returning to On-Site Storage

ADL is trying to truly make an effort at providing as immersive a LARP experience as we can create! A big part of that goal is going to be a prolonged effort to maintain the quality of items we purchase toward that end by carefully packing and safely storing those items in downtime. The SC will be responsible for coordinating that team and making sure that the campsite staff remains happy with the state in which we leave every building on site. The SC will ensure that all of the storage bins are secured in ADL’s on-site storage and will make sure that they are able to be locked away before leaving the site.


The Owners of ADL, as well as the whole community, will endeavor to continuously award the SC with abundant gratitude for their volunteered time and service. Without this role, the overall gaming experience at ADL would suffer without the ability to enjoy the communal tavern space. We truly cannot thank you enough!

The SC will be awarded 300 Goblin Points per month that an ADL event is held and on-site storage is managed. The award will be for service during the event, managing the team responsible for unpacking and setting up the on-site storage, and then similarly managing the team responsible for packing up and securing all of the storage bins before departing the site.