Player Coordinator

Role and Responsibilites

Overview of the Role

The ADL Player Coordinator (PC) is responsible for publicly representing the chapter in a positive light. By doing so they help raise awareness, provide good customer service to our community, and give new and visiting community members a memorable face to face experience. This role is going to repeatedly reach out to individuals expressing interest in joining our local community, as well as establishing themselves as a point of contact for those visiting players looking for logistical aid in making the trip to come join our game temporarily.

This role will work hand in hand with the ADL Community Coordinator. However, the ADL Community Coordinator will facilitate communication via all of the official ADL social media outlets we have made available for our community. The ADL PC will be more focused on the experience builds and character history needs of the players in our community.

Downtime Responsibilities

The ADL PC needs to remain vigilant in checking and promptly responding to all official ADL social media outlets, specifically Facebook, Discord, Instagram, and the Forums to quickly respond to new player inquiries. Additionally, the ADL PC will need to daily check/manage the chapter’s PC email account, established directly for this position, at

Pre-Event Responsibilities

In the week prior to each ADL sponsored, scheduled event, the ADL PC will be responsible for coordinating player character creation efforts with the ADL Racial Coordinator and reaching out to all known, pre-registered community members to offer assistance that new members might need in preparing to attend an ADL event.

During Event Responsibilities

The ADL PC will need to strive to be among the first to arrive on site on event start days and remain available to assist with answering new and visiting player questions as well as direct traffic and logistics for said players. The ADL PC will continue to interact with all new and visiting players, essentially acting in the capacity of an ambassador for the chapter to ensure their needs are being met prior to game start.

The ADL PC will need to strive to be ADL Marshall qualified, or be willing to become that quickly, as they will be responsible for checking the weapons of all new and visiting players and marking each character card as such. Once all new weapons have been checked, and at the beginning of an event, the ADL PC will gather the new players to quickly provide them with an overview of basic rules before directing those players to the Campaign Plot Team Member responsible for conducting the New Player Module for them.

During each event, once the PC has taken care of the new players and passed that group off to

the Plot Team to run the New Player Module, they will then need to turn their attention to any visiting group or players. While the ADL Campaign Plot Team will have pre-arranged descriptions and locations for where to have those players physically walk on site based on how their characters arrived in game, it will be the ADL PC’s job to facilitate introductions between the players and the ADL Plot Team.

During the event, the ADL PC will need to politely and discreetly remind each of the new players about the skill reset at each new logistical period. The ADL PC will also need to check in over the course of the weekend just to ask the new and visiting players about their experience and integration into the ADL game world. This check in will need to happen once each logistical period and then be reported back to the Owners of ADL and is in an effort to counter negative feedback about exclusivity, ensuring that moving forward new and visiting players to an ADL event feel included and satisfied that their presence, hopefully their continued presence, matters and is greatly appreciated.

Post-Event Responsibilities

After each ADL event, the ADL PC will be responsible for reaching out to all new and visiting players within seven days of the last day of the event ending. The initial “reach out” will be an email thanking the member for attendance, requesting their feedback, and offering an opportunity to speak with them via video or voice to address anything they feel like needs to be received, good or bad, about their experience at the ADL event.

The ADL PC will also be responsible for working with the ADL Community Coordinator on cross posting an event survey or feedback form to the general membership and a separate cross posted explanation for what an IBGA is, how IBGAs are used, and how they are submitted in ADL.


The Owners of ADL, as well as the community that the ADL PC serves, will endeavor to continuously award this role with abundant gratitude for their volunteered time and service! Without this role, we would have no online world to escape into. We remain so grateful for Gileania, and for all of your efforts in breathing life into the whole shard for us to enjoy each and every month. We truly cannot thank you enough!

The ADL PC will be awarded 300 Goblin Points per month upon submission of their Player Activity Report, summarizing the activity that has kept them busy over the course of each month.

The ADL PC may be awarded Dragon Stamps based on performance reviews of the event by the Owners of ADL.

The ADL PC will have all ADL event attendance fees waived for all ADL events attended in any capacity (i.e. as staff, as a player character, or non-player character), and additionally will enjoy free meals at all ADL sponsored events.

This is also one of the few ADL staff positions that allows the member to perform the role and still participate as a PC during the event.