Page (Non-Combatant) Policy

Alliance National Page Rules

Players that cannot participate in combat are called “Pages.”

One category of Page is players under 16 years old.

Aside from this designation, there are no national page rules.

The Alliance Rulebook does not give any official Page Rules. Rather, it has a set of common policies and allows each Alliance chapter to set its own age-related limits and policies.

Adults over 18 who cannot participate in combat (sometimes called “Medical Pages”) usually follow policies very similar to the Age 13 and under Page rules outlined below.

That said, the policy below explicitly addresses underage Pages in Alliance Denver.

Alliance Denver Page Rules (NOT identical to those in the Rulebook)

General statement and philosophy

Alliance Denver is an explicitly adult, mature game.

Games run late into night (and following morning).

Both characters and players use adult language frequently (though usually not in confrontational ways).

All parents and guardians should expect that these aspects of the game will not be changed in order to accommodate younger players.

In this document “guardian” refers to a “Legal guardian,” which is a legal term and does not include siblings.

Page Types

  • Ages 7 and under – Children younger than 8 years old should not participate in Alliance Denver games at night, and should stay far away from combat (50 yards or more).
  • Ages 13 and under (Basic Pages) – These players must start out by following all the Basic Page rules (which roughly means no combat of any kind). After playing three events under these rules without any problems, they may apply to become an Advanced Page.
  • Ages 13 and under (Advanced Pages) – Once designated an Advanced Page, these players can engage in ranged combat and spells. They may even get the chance to engage in melee combat under certain circumstances.
  • Ages 14 & 15: At age 14, all Pages are no longer required to wear a headband/sash. As long as they are accompanied by a parent/guardian/designated chaperone/page marshal (within line of sight) they may play as if they were an 18+ adult (full combat, full spells, etc.). When a page turns 14 they may reset their characters skills and re-buy them (a.k.a. reforge), allowing them to buy weapon skills, etc.
  • Ages 16 & 17: If they have a legal release signed by a parent or legal guardian, these players may play unaccompanied as if they were 18 and over.
  • 18+ adults sometimes take “Medical Page” or “Adult Page” status due to medical concerns. They wear an orange headband/sash, and must abide by the Basic Pages – Gameplay rules but are otherwise exempt from these policies.

Registration and Logistics

  1. Required: The parent or legal guardian of the page must be present at the game and must be a PC or NPC during the entire event.
  2. Required: In all cases, the parent or legal guardian of the page must inform the chapter that they are bringing a page to the game. The easiest way to do this is using the Alliance Denver – Page Pre-Approval and Policy Form. Alternatively, you can email either or Depending on the event there may be additional restrictions or considerations.
  3. Required: The parent/guardian must also email to inform them you will be bringing a young player, so that we can have everything prepared on our end. This must be done by the pre-registration deadline.
  4. Required: All pages must be pre-approved (see #2 and #3 above), pre-paid and pre-registered. A page that shows up at an event without having done these three things will not be allowed to attend the event.

Behavior and problems

  1. The parent or legal guardian is responsible for the page’s actions and must remove the page from the site if asked.
  2. Any page that knowingly cheats in the game (ignoring blows, not recording spells cast on their character sheet, etc.) will face consequences. Repeated offenders may be asked to leave without appeal.
  3. Any page who is disruptive, does not obey these rules, or in any other way is deemed to be harmful to the game will be asked to leave without appeal.

All Pages under 16 must be accompanied

Required: The parent/guardian must physically stay with their page (Basic or Advanced) when the page is actively playing, except in the following circumstances

  1. Pages may take short (<20 min) trips unrelated to the game (to the bathroom, to their cabin to get something, etc.) but may not do anything game-related on their own.
  2. Pages may play the game away from their parent/guardian in the following situations (assuming they have permission from their parent/guardian):
    1. When invited to accompany a Page Marshal or a Plot Member.
    2. When accompanied by a designated chaperone. These are pre-arranged people chosen by a parent/guardian who can act as short-term chaperones for their page. This allows trusted friends to take Pages on adventures without breaking the rules. Designated chaperones are named by the parent/guardian on the Alliance Denver – Page Pre-Approval and Policy Form.

Basic Pages – Gameplay

  1. Required: Basic Pages can only play while wearing an orange headband or large orange sash (like a pageant sash) that marks them as a Basic Page (Orange means “no combat”). They must supply their own headband/sash.
  2. Required: Basic Pages cannot carry melee weapons or weapon tags at any time. They may carry all other in-game items and can be searched as normal.
  3. Required: Basic Pages that PC may not purchase combat or weapon skills. Basic Pages that PC can purchase role-playing and crafting skills such as Read/Write, Healing Arts, Create Potion, Craftsman, etc. Alchemy and Create Traps can be purchased but no packets may be thrown.
  4. Optional: Basic Pages that PC may purchase spell casting skills for touch-casting only, and may create and use ingestible Alchemy. The parent/guardian is responsible for the Basic Page’s character sheet, which will be audited from time to time.
  5. Required: Basic Pages cannot be involved in combat in any way, even on the sidelines (including repairing armor or healing the wounded back behind the front lines). They may engage in the game far from the battle (at least 50’), or after the battle has ended. There are effects that might prevent a Basic Page from leaving a combat area when they would otherwise need to do so (e.g., unconsciousness, Pin, Web, Prison, etc.). If a Basic Page finds themselves in such a situation they will put their hand on their head and move themselves out of the way, keeping the effect once they find an appropriate location. The Basic Page may need to explain “I’m moving myself out of combat before resuming.” if other players are engaged with them.
  6. Required: Basic Pages can be hurt/killed in the game. Basic Pages are responsible for understanding the rules for how this works: In order to affect, hurt or kill a Basic Page, a player must stand near the page and call out the effects and weapon damage without physically hitting the page with weapons or packets (hit the ground near them, for example). It is assumed that every weapon and packet attack hits the page. As with an adult player, the page can call out appropriate defenses, and can run away or yell for help. A Basic Page can be given a Killing Blow. All other rules concerning healing, resurrections and other in-game ramifications apply as normal.

Advanced Pages – Gameplay

  1. To become an Advanced Page the page must do the following:
    1. Play in three Alliance Denver events as a Basic Page.
    2. Get a recommendation from two Page Marshals or Plot Members, attesting that the page has displayed good knowledge of the rules and good immersion and roleplaying ability.
    3. Request, take and pass an Advanced Page test from a Page Marshal, after which a recommendation will be submitted to the Owner.
  2. Advanced Pages can only play while wearing a yellow headband or large yellow sash (like a pageant sash) that marks them as an Advanced Page. They must supply their own headband/sash.
  3. In designated small-scale situations, Advanced Pages can engage in full combat (with melee weapons). These occasions are explicitly designated by a Page Marshal or Plot Member. In these circumstances, Advanced Pages may carry melee weapons (and associated tags). This means Advanced Pages may wish to take at least some basic melee weapon skill, even though they will only be able to use it in special circumstances.
  4. In all other combat situations (roving monsters, field battles, etc.), Advanced Pages may not use melee weapons as part of combat. They may use ranged attacks (thrown weapons, bows/crossbows, spells, alchemy, trap globes, etc.). Enemies can (and will) attack them with melee weapons, which is handled as normal.