NPC Guild Member

Overview of the Role

The ADL Owners and Staff firmly believe that the Non Player Character (NPC) volunteer members are without a doubt the backbone of the community. They provide the numbers that populate the game world and help turn fantasy encounters and conflicts into reality for our community. They remain the unsung heroes of the game. In short: We need you! Let us know if you are interested in joining the NPC Guild. Send an email to Zach S. at

Pre and Post Event Assistance

NPC Guild Members are expected to be among the first boots on the ground at site on game days. Their assistance with setting up everything that is required to host the LARP event prior to the event beginning, as well as breaking it all down once the event is over, is essential to a successfully run ADL event. It is just too large an endeavor to organize and execute with just a few staff members. The NPC Guild Members will be responsible for helping setting ADL up for success before our events begin. 

Portraying NPCs During Events

The NPC Guild Member becomes any one of millions of different inhabitants for our game world. They are responsible for breathing life into all of the other aspects of our Gileania that are NOT the player characters (PCs). They provide our community with the antagonists that stand in the way of our PCs. They are quite often used by the ADL Campaign and Personal Plot Team as the device to introduce new story elements, world mysteries, and moral dilemmas that the PCs struggle against! It is the responsibility of the NPC Guild Member to take full advantage of our well stocked NPC Camp to dress the part and as fully as possible become those inhabitants of the game world that the PCs need to interact with each and every event.


There are a vast amount of logistical hoops that we as event organizers have to navigate in order to complete a successful ADL event. Part of that job is resource management and being able to rely on a certain percentage of our NPC staff pre-event is one of the largest boons we can provide this team. So, to that end, the NPC Guild Member must commit to attending a minimum of 75% of the scheduled ADL events for a season with the understanding that they will be overly compensated for providing that commitment and reliability to ADL. 


The Owners of ADL, as well as the community that the NPC Guild Member serves, will endeavor to continuously award their NPC staff with abundant gratitude for their volunteer time and service. Without these vast and varied roles, we would find the integration into our Alliance world much more difficult. We remain so grateful for all of your efforts in breathing life into the whole shard for us to enjoy each and every month. We truly cannot thank you enough! 

  • NPC Guild Members do not pay for annual membership.
  • The NPC Guild Member will receive all the benefits of a Weekend NPC.
  • NPC Guild Members are allowed on site at noon the day of the event.
  • The NPC Guild Member will be awarded 100 Goblin Points per month for their continued willingness to volunteer their time and effort.
  • The NPC Guild Member will be awarded 250 Goblin Points per event for attendance at an ADL event where they provide NPC support to the ADL community. The sizable award will be for service during the event as being among the first boots on the ground, setting up and running modules and town combats during the weekend, and then packing up and securing all of NPC Camp before departing the site.
  • The NPC Guild Member may be awarded Dragon Stamps by the Owners of ADL at the end of the season.
  • The NPC Guild Member will receive one future event attendance credit for each season they are part of the NPC Guild.
  • The ADL Owners host an annual end of the season party to say thank you to its staff for everything that they do all year long to make all the magic happen! As an ADL NPC Guild Member, you would become part of that staff of folks that the owners would want to acknowledge and give back to with a celebration.
  • The ADL Guild Member will be given a recurring NPC for only them to portray in the primary campaign that season. This will be that ADL Guild Member’s Player NPC, or P-NPC, that no one else will play. Ever. You will own this NPC, and while the ADL Plot Team will direct the NPC in broad strokes, it will be you that charts the course of action that gets that P-NPC where we need them to be.