Role and Responsibilites

Overview of the Role

An Alliance Denver LARP (ADL) Marshall is a community leader position that is capable of marshalling a broad range of policy related topics for the chapter. This role will be required to pass the comprehensive ADL Marshall Exam that includes the rules and policies used in the chapter, the procedure for preparing for and conducting ritual magic, the crafting system, assisting the community with the rogue class, and the rules governing consent at all ADL events. The ADL Marshall is a comprehensive position that combines several previously independent roles and requires an elevated knowledge of the LARP systems we all enjoy, as well as an elevated level of commitment to serving the ADL community. In short, if ADL was a sporting event then our ADL Marshall’s would be the referees.

Community Rules Needs

The ADL Marshall is first and foremost considered an authority on the Alliance LARP Rules System. This person has passed the ADL Marshalls Exam that includes rules that are outlined and explained in the base rulebook as well as supplemental policy packets and player’s guides to the game. While in attendance at any official ALD event, the ADL Marshall is the final authority regarding on site rules clarification and adjudication. This person is also responsible for assisting with any online related rules inquiries on any of ADL’s official social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Discord, Forums).

Community High Magic Ritual Needs

The ADL Marshall is responsible for assisting the players with completing all formal high magic rituals at any official ADL event. They cannot participate, nor have a character they control be involved in any ritual that they are marshalling. And while we understand that sometimes, due to logistics or available resources it cannot be avoided, they ~should~ not be the Marshall of a ritual for a character that they are closely tied to in game or for a character that they are on the same team of.  Essentially what we all need to be careful of is a conflict of interest between the ADL Marshall and the participants of the ritual. An ADL Marshall will be responsible for logging all of the details for the ritual that they oversee in the Master Ritual Logbook that will be kept at all times in the ADL NPC Camp.

Community Crafting Needs

Any tagged items that were the result of an IBGA or production request between games should be handled by the ADL Logistics Team. However, there will occasionally be requests by the attendees of an ADL event to have some items built. Additionally, there may be some clever or out of the box solutions derived at by the community that may garner them additional crafting resources during an event. It will be the role of the ADL Marshall to oversee that process and provide the crafter with those created item tags.

Community Rogue Needs

The ADL Marshall will remain available during an event to oversee all rogue activities that bring them into direct conflict with other characters. Examples of this activity would be an attempt to break into a cabin or picking the pocket of another character. Their role will be to check to see that cabin notes exist for buildings that they enter. They do not need to be immediately read by the Marshall, just noted that they have been written up or that a representative of the building needs to get them written up. The ADL Marshall will also oversee in game theft attempts and be responsible for issuing the thief a new tag for the stolen item, as well as returning the personal property that was stolen to its rightful owner.



The Owners of ADL, as well as the community that the ADL Marshall Team serves, will endeavor to continuously award their Marshall Team with abundant gratitude for their volunteered time and service. Without this role and this team, we would have much more chaos and so much less understanding of the game mechanics we use to enjoy the Alliance LARP. We remain so grateful for all of your efforts in helping us better understand the system of policies in place to aid everyone in enjoying this amazing hobby.

The ADL Marshall Team Member will be awarded 200 Goblin Points per month upon submission of their Plot Report, outlining the modules that will be run at the next event, as well as the encounters each module contains.

The ADL Marshall Team Member will be awarded 500 Goblin Points per month for attendance at an ADL event where they manage plot for the ADL community. The sizable award will be for service during the event as being among the first boots on the ground, setting up and running modules and town combats during the weekend, and then packing up and securing all of NPC Camp before departing site.

The ADL Marshall Team Member may be awarded Dragon Stamps based on performance reviews of the event by the Owners of ADL.

The ADL Marshall Team Member will have all ADL event attendance fees waived for all ADL event attended in any capacity (i.e. as staff, as a player character, or non-player character), and additionally will enjoy free meals at all ADL sponsored events.

On appointment, the ADL Marshall Team Member will be able to custom order one, five-effect magic item, with a duration lasting 100 logistical days. On that anniversary date, and with every continuous year of service in the position, the HoL will be able to custom order one additional item with one additional effect (to the maximum allowed by Alliance Magic Item Creation Rules System). So, in way of example, at two continuous years of service, the HoL would be able to create and define one, six-effect magic item.