LCO Effects Policy

These are a non-exclusive list of nonstandard LCO effects that you might see IG (posted here to reduce confusion).

Skill Stealing

  • Some creatures in the game will use, on an incapacitated foe, an ability where they lay their sword on an enemy’s torso and say “I steal your skill one…”, “I read your mind one…” or some variant (which it is depends on the creature, but the mechanics all work the same) on a three count.
  • If they are not interrupted in this effort—e.g., by striking them or their weapon—then they have “stolen a skill.” A marshal will look your character card and select one skill from the card that they have “taken.”
  • You are aware that the skill is stolen, even if you did not lose the specific skill (e.g., because it wasn’t a times-per-day skill) you are aware that it was taken from you.
  • Anyone watching can see that the process is happening, but cannot tell the specific skill that was taken.
  • If the skill is a times-per-day skill and it has not already been expended then you lose the skill until the next logistics period or 24-hours (whichever is soonest).

Group Mind

  • This is in addition to the rules on ARB 1.2 pg 71: “””
    Some types of creatures (notably some giant insects) have a group mind. Each creature’s mind is but part of a larger whole. What one of them sees or experiences, they all know; however, Holds cannot be called for the NPCs to converse.
    This ability makes the creature immune to all Command and Greater Command effects unless their monster card states otherwise. “”” (whether the specific card says otherwise is a find-out-in-game).
  • Some creatures have the ability to issue commands to other creatures in their networked Group Mind (aka Hive Mind).
  • They will indicate this by saying “Group Mind <Command>” at which point the others in their network will follow the command (or not, depending on the specifics of their card, but they will at least receive the command).
  • If you overhear the “Group Mind <Command>” you can tell that they the specific individual is communicating (scratches and whistles, vibrations, etc), but they are not using speech and someone not in the network cannot make out the actual details of the command. They are not “talking” per se.
  • Some creatures can also use “Group Mind <Information>” if they have instructions to do so.

Pantherghast Shun

  • Constant shun effect that hits everything in a 10′ radius.
  • You can tell that there is a shun effect emanating, but can’t tell the type unless it affects you.
  • It lasts for 10 minutes.
  • Command effect.
  • Not resistible, cannot be dodged.

LCO rules – BMV

Radius deliveries include traps, contact poisons, and monster abilities such as eye contact or sound of voice.

Usually a Hold is called when a radius attack takes place and everyone partially within the radius is affected.

Radius attacks can never be Dodged or Evaded(ARB p.97).

By my voice effects are a voice delivered radius effect.

If one hears the call “By My voice, arcane disease”, then you are affected by it.

Since it is an approximation of a radius of magical energy, blocking your ears is not a valid in-game tactic to avoid the effect, and would be considered cheating.

By My Voice will always pass through walls/windows/doors unless the marshal specifies otherwise.

By My Voice will never pass through Wards/Circles of Power unless the marshal specifies otherwise.

LCO rules – Swarm By

Swarmed by <number>: <ability>.

Any card with this ability allows an NPC to use the named ability without limit when they are actively engaged (meaning approximately 10 foot range unless otherwise defined locally) by <number> or more foes.

For example, “Swarmed by 4: Spellstrike Death” would allow the NPC to swing for “Spellstrike Death” with their weapons so long as 4 or more enemies are within approximately 10 feet.

The named ability may alternately be called by OOG Marshals in the fight.

Note that when this ability is used, only the bonus effect needs to be called – “Swarmed by <number>” is just the name of the ability, it does not need to be announced.


Our Marshals do not allow players without this skill to give specific advice, IG or OOG, on how to disarm traps while a character with the Legerdemain skill is working on a trap. (i.e., “Remove all your valuables before working on a trap,” is fine — “Cut that piece of fishing wire,” is not acceptable.)