IG vs OOG Policy

It is Alliance Denver LARP’s (ADL) goal to have its members enter into game (IG) from Friday’s Opener to Sunday’s Closing. However, we recognize that there is a need at times to go out-of-game (OOG) and have designated out-of-game areas.

ADL has designated OOG areas. These are:

  • The Tavern’s Food Storage area. (Restricted to authorized staff/tavern volunteers only)
  • All bathroom areas
  • NPC Camp
  • The Parking Lot

Traditionally the area under a member’s bed is also considered OOG to hide any anachronistic items. However, we ask that all players take this one-step further by having a box that is designated and labeled OOG and/or list what items of yours are OOG on the Marshal’s notes posted on the door. This is primarily important for Marshals to be able to judge what is IG vs OOG should any member’s character attempt to search and steal any of your items.

If at any time you need to go OOG, you are required to wear a white headband, this distinguishes you as OOG. When you take yourself OOG, all of the items that were on your character are now also OOG (this represents your character stepping away to do something else during the time that you are away). These items should be placed in your designated OOG area and marked on the Marshal notes.

If you wish to sleep OOG, you must have a Marshal make a notation on your cabin’s Marshal Notes and you must mark your bunk with a clear sign that states “Sleeping OOG”.

At no time should any member hide items that they wish to use IG in their car or other OOG areas. This includes a member’s character treasure. It will be considered cheating if you do so. This is why it is important for you to mark on the Marshal’s Notes if you are stepping OOG and placing the items that your character would have on you in the OOG area. This lets the Marshal know the present situation.