Head of Logistics

Role and Responsibilites

Overview of the Role

The ADL Head of Logistics (HoL) is responsible for managing all of the transportation of equipment and supplies required to supply the membership with most everything they need to participate in the ADL game. They lead a very important team, as Logistics is quite often the first face encountered by new membership. The HoL is a vital member of the ADL Leadership Team as they delegate the distribution of the raw, out of game materials our community needs to provide an informed, equipped, and prompt transition from the real world, into the hobby.

Social Media Moderation

Social Media and its administration have become a large part of our LARP world. A healthy online presence is key to the success of any LARP chapter. To that end the HoL is responsible for regularly reviewing the ADL Logistics Email, the ADL Facebook page, ADL Discord Channel, and the ADL Forums for logistical questions or issues and committing to a response to all inquiries within 48 hours.

Additionally, the HoL will need to set up Open Registration of reach event that starts four weeks prior to the event start date and runs to the Early Registration Deadline (11:59 pm (EST) the Friday before each Event) or if an event occurs within 4 weeks, the Sunday after the event.

Character Maintenance Application (CMA) Administration

The HoL will be responsible for maintaining a running record of members that pre-register for all ADL events in the CMA, as well as track all payments made by players via the ADL PayPal account. The HoL will also need to make entries into the CMA for all player created magic items.

Assist with Player Goblin Stamp Expenditure

The HoL will be responsible for receiving member donations via PayPal and applying the correct amount of Goblin Stamps (which is X gp per dollar donated). The reward should then be followed up with a thank you email, CC-ing both ADL Owners, as well as properly documented on the Annual SP Spreadsheet. Additionally, all Goblin Stamp expenditure should be appropriately logged and applied prior to an event, up to and including all entries in the CMA for any member created magic items.

Maintenance of the Physical Supplies of Logistics

The HoL will be responsible for the appropriate use, maintenance, and safe storage of all materials and equipment used to the function of performing the task of logistics for ADL. They will delegate the important task of generating, cutting, sorting, and storing all item and production tags for Player Character Production and Plot Generated Treasure. The HoL will also generate the Player Character Sheets and Battle Boards for each event and sort them appropriately into individually labeled envelopes for check in at each event. The HoL will receive any plot related information (rumor sheets, etc..) and add them also to the appropriate player character envelope.

Manage On Site Logistics Station

The HoL will lead the Logistics Team on site assisting with player character check in at the beginning of each event. For all pre-registered members, that process will include verifying/receiving payment of event fees, ensuring all appropriate paperwork/forms have been signed and are on file with Logistics, and issuing the player character packet that includes the member’s player character sheet and battle boards, any coin they are due for plot or OCS reasons, and any plot related information that the Plot Team wanted to share with that player character. All money collected at Logistics will need to be logged appropriately and then safely stored until such time as it can be securely delivered to the Owners/Accountant for deposit.

The HoL will ensure that all mid-event crafting needs by the player can be met with item or production tags, and will need to be responsible for post event logistical clean ups like logging magic item uses, and applying event credit and secondary blankets.


The Owners of ADL, as well as the community that the entire Logistics Team serves, will endeavor to continuously award the HoL with abundant gratitude for their volunteered time and service from a very grateful community. Without this role and this team, the whole of the chapter would come to a screeching halt. We truly cannot thank you enough!

The HoL will be awarded 200 Goblin Points per month upon submission of a Logistics Report simply outlining what activities were done during the course of that month to earn the award. The report can be a quick email with a bulleted list of activities (we are not requiring a dissertation here) but needs to clearly show that effort has been made to advance ADL in the areas outlined above.

The HoL will be awarded 300 Goblin Points per month that an ADL event is held and Logistics is performed on site by the HoL. The sizable award will be for service during the event as being among the first boots on the ground, setting up and running the Logistics Station on site, and then packing up and securing all of the Logistical supplies and equipment before departing site.

The Campaign Plot Team Member may be awarded Dragon Stamps based on performance reviews of the event by the Owners of ADL.

The HoL will have all ADL event attendance fees waived for all ADL event attended in any capacity (i.e. as staff, as a player character, or non-player character), and additionally will enjoy free meals at all ADL sponsored events.

On appointment, the HoL will be able to custom order one, five-effect magic item, with a duration lasting five years from the date of creation. On that anniversary date, and with every continuous year of service in the position, the HoL will be able to custom order one additional item with one additional effect (to the maximum allowed by Alliance Magic Item Creation Rules System). So, in way of example, at two continuous years of service, the HoL would be able to create and define one, six-effect magic item.