General Manager

Role and Responsibilites

Overview of the Role

The General Manager, or GM, of the chapter is a position received through direct appointment by the Owners, Suzanne Bastien and Will Broderick. As such, the GM’s actions, written, spoken, or physical, are held accountable to those Owners. The role of the ADL GM is an extension of the Owners, and as such is responsible for the education and implementation of the working environment as defined and created together with the Owners of ADL. That translates to running the day-to-day operations side of Alliance Denver LARP by accepting ownership and management of that environment, by spotting any hindrances or obstacles to it early on, and by responding aggressively to them with clear communication and responsible, appropriate action.

Staff Supervision and Development

A successful GM will quickly develop an effective practice of providing personal support to the staff that reports directly to the GM of ADL. This is accomplished through an ample use of effective communication, both up and down line, and by ensuring that the staff has all the available resources they need to accomplish their individual roles in ADL. Obtaining a clear understanding of each staff position will also enable the GM to identify opportunities to assist with each role and provide the GM with individual paths to guide future development of those staff positions.

Policy Education and Enforcement

Policies are important because they help the community establish rules and procedures that create standards of quality for learning and safety, as well as set expectations and accountability. Without them, we lack the ability to detect improper behavior, assess it as a real event, and use it to inform where or if additional education is required. While the policies used by ADL are set at the national level, it is the responsibility of the GM to ensure that the ADL community knows they exist and are educated on how they will be enforced.

Community Bodybuilding

It falls to every member of the ADL community to strengthen the whole because having strong connections with each member provides opportunities for us all to assist in creating a cohesive, safe, confident and prosperous space for everyone to enjoy. The GM will be a facilitator toward that end, leading by example, but also fostering the environment envisioned above.

Customer Service

As a community leader in ADL, the GM needs to remain vigilant regarding his speech and actions and how they might reflect on the organization as a whole. The GM will need to consistently provide timely, attentive, upbeat service to all ADL customers, which includes attendees of any ADL sponsored event, making sure their needs are met in a manner that reflects positively on the chapter to which he belongs.

Client Relations

Maintaining a positive and productive working relationship with the campsite client is a paramount concern to the owners of Alliance Denver LARP. The GM will play an aggressive role in protecting that relationship by assisting in maintaining an open, long term dialogue with the campsite personnel, by immediately facilitating solutions to all issues the campsite brings to ADL, and most importantly by ensuring the campsite personnel remain happy with the continued presence of all ADL community members while at their facility.

Additionally, the GM will also assist with establishing and maintaining a good working relationship with other organizations such as convention staff for the purpose of ADL attending a local convention as a vendor or food/merchandise vendors that ADL might invite to join us during a scheduled event.


The Owners of ADL, as well as the community that the GM serves, will endeavor to continuously award the GM with their gratitude for their volunteered time and service from a very grateful community. Without this role, the job of leading and growing ADL would be much more difficult indeed!

The GM will be awarded 250 Goblin Points per month upon submission of a GM Report simply outlining what activities were done during the course of that month to earn the award. The report can be a bulleted list (we are not requiring a dissertation here) but needs to clearly show that effort has been made to advance ADL in the areas outlined above.

The GM will be awarded 500 Goblin Points per month that an ADL event is held and managed on site by the GM. The sizable award will be for service during the event as first boots on the ground, partaking in organizational elements during the event, and being one of the last to leave the game site, after securing assurances by the site that all obligations on the part of ADL have been satisfactorily met.

The Campaign Plot Team Member may be awarded Dragon Stamps based on performance reviews of the event by the Owners of ADL.

The GM will have all ADL event attendance fees waived for any event attended in any capacity (i.e. as staff, as a player character, or non-player character), and additionally will enjoy free meals at all ADL sponsored events.

On appointment, the GM will be able to custom order one, five-effect magic item, with a duration lasting five years from the date of creation. On that anniversary date, and with every continuous year of service in the position, the GM will be able to custom order one additional item with one additional effect (to the maximum allowed by Alliance Magic Item Creation Rules System). So, in way of example, at two continuous years of service, the GM would be able to create and define one, six-effect magic item.