Event Start Times Policy

No one is allowed on site before 4 PM.

Each event starts at 9 PM with a “Soft Layon.”

A Soft Layon allows the use of IG skills but means that NPC camp will not be fully engaged.

After the Soft Layon starts no player-owned or npc-owned cars are allowed anywhere on the upper part of the campsite.

From the NPC end there is some roleplay, possibly a few wandering monsters on the roads, but we (as in the NPCs) aren’t doing the larger encounters or waves.

At 10:00:00 it is “game on.”

For example:
In November 414 we sent out a group of undead in a wave (with another group instructed to meet them 15 minutes after the hard layon). They had a clock that the encounter head watched so that the group stayed out of game and then went full-tilt as soon as the clock read 10:00.