Cultural Coordinator

Role and Responsibilites

Overview of the Role

The intent for establishing an ADL Cultural Coordinator is to provide a one-stop location for information both about all cultures as they exist both globally in Alliance, and specifically in the local Denver shard of Gileania. The Cultural Coordinator provides members of ADL with a wealth of information that will help integrate player character concepts into the Alliance Denver LARP world. They will also help give the membership avenues for growth and personal plot.

Cultural Education

The primary responsibility of the ADL Cultural Coordinator is to assist its membership with the rules, makeup, and all prop requirements necessary to portray all of the Alliance approved cultures at an ADL sponsored event. The many jobs of this individual include supplying answers and information about the Alliance cultures, adjudicating any cultural misunderstandings via social media or private email, and monitoring all characters of their assigned culture. If a player is found to be improperly playing a culture, it will fall to the Cultural Coordinator to help by offering suggestions for how to improve or correct the improper portrayal.

To that end, the Cultural Coordinator will be empowered and encouraged to distribute both the National Alliance Racial Packets as well as the ADL Cultural Packets to educate and reaffirm the membership’s understanding of the cultures they are portraying. Both types of packets are full of lore, clues on playing a culture, mythology and legends of the culture, and basic information such as politics, aging and so on.

World Integration

One of the benefits of speaking with the ADL Cultural Coordinator as you are creating a character for play in our chapter is world integration. The Cultural Coordinator can assist with tweaking player character concepts to better blend with the game world and possibly give pointers to appropriate origins or stories in-game that you could tie your history to. Additionally, the Cultural Coordinator can tip you off to any potential problems they see with the player character that you are creating. A member might have a great backstory, but if it runs counter to things already seen in-play, that could be really uncomfortable in-game. The Cultural Coordinator can often alert you to these issues before they become a problem.

ADL Cultural Packets

The ADL Cultural Coordinator will remain the nexus through which all writing of the various cultural packets for the chapter will be filtered. The Cultural Coordinator will not be the sole author for all of these local cultural packets, but this role will coordinate all efforts for all of the final products and be responsible for reviewing and updating content (along with the Owners of ADL) as well as securely storing them for future distribution. Additionally, the Cultural Coordinator will be responsible for managing all efforts to periodically update established cultural packets.

Social Media

The ADL Cultural Coordinator needs to remain vigilant in checking and promptly responding to all official ADL social media outlets, specifically Facebook, Discord, Instagram, and the Forums. These social media outlets need to be reviewed and interacted with daily by the ADL Cultural Coordinator. That interaction needs to come in the form of contemporary posts like engaging the community with a “Random Cultural Fact of the Day” post. Or it needs to include images or videos that contain suggestions on makeup or costume. Another example would be sharing relevant LARP related prop posts with links for where to find the elven ear tips, or Sylvanborn horn, etc. Additionally, the ADL Cultural Coordinator will need to daily check/manage the chapter’s Cultural Coordinator email account established directly for this position at,


The Owners of ADL, as well as the community that the Cultural Coordinator serves, will endeavor to continuously award their staff members with abundant gratitude for their volunteered time and service. Without this role, we would find the integration of our world with the Alliance world much more difficult. We remain so grateful for all of your efforts in breathing life into the whole shard for us to enjoy each and every month. We truly cannot thank you enough!

The ADL Cultural Coordinator will be awarded 200 Goblin Points per month upon submission of their Cultural Report, outlining the various activities related to conveying our various in game cultures to the ADL community via our various social media outlets and on site at our scheduled events.

The ADL Cultural Coordinator may be awarded Dragon Stamps based on performance reviews of the event by the Owners of ADL.