Character History Policy

Character History Policy


A Character History is intended to give you a place to start from in the world, and reflects your character’s past history, to encourage you to think about how your character came to be and what they might hope to do in the future. It also can give the Plot Team some idea of your character’s past and ambitions, to allow them to better engage with your character on the level of personalized character history plot.


In constructing your backstory, we encourage you to look at the world of Gileania on Discord, or ask for this information from staff. Consider where your character was born, how they learned to do the things, and why they chose to come to the area in which the game is set. While your motivations may change over the course of play, as you interact with the game world and grow as a character, knowing where you are coming from can help to determine where you end up.


Your character is exceptional – after all, not everyone ends up seeking adventure, or becoming a clever cleric, an influential mage, a ruthless warrior or an adept merchant or craftsperson. It is possible and even likely that your character has had opportunities, which are unlike what the average person has had. Something to bear in mind, opportunities for adventure abound when in game, and your adventures as a player character should be more exciting than adventures that existed solely in your character history.


Important Tips


  • Submit to the right team: We have a character history plot team. Please make sure when submitting your request to meet with them you do so at:
  • Do not be a trope: Do not be the last of your kind. The only survivor of a group, which makes you the leader of the group/household, etc. People are resurrected all the time. Remember it is not just reserved for player characters. It does not make sense in the setting.
  • Have names for the people in the past: Provide names for your character’s parents/siblings/friends, etc. The characters in your history might show up in the game, and we want you to be able to recognize them! The exception to this is if there was a “bad person” in your past. You can leave names like that out so that plot can possibly give that persona life.
  • Leave a space for someone new: If you love the idea of making room for incoming players to have someone to connect with or if a character in your story is going to be played by another player, let the Character History Plot Team know when you have your meeting. That way that plot does not touch that area of the characters life too much.


Character History Process


  1. Write your character history and submit it to
  2. Once the character history plot team reviews it, then they will send a link to set up a time to meet with them.
  3. During the meeting you will discuss your background in depth and they will get to know you and your PC
  4. When your background is finalized (no changes needed or wanted), then the team will start working on plot for you based on what they have.

Notes: Once your history is finalized, please do not change it. The team spends a lot of time and money on creating a great plot for you and changing it can void everything that has been started or done. If you are not sure about the background, then don’t finalize it. Take a day or two before accepting the final history.

In the end, it is your character, make sure it’s what you want.


LARP is an exercise in collaborative storytelling, allowing us to give you every opportunity to succeed and thrive.


Questions asked by Character History Plot during the meeting


  1. What is your character’s greatest fear? Is it deep or irrational? Is this fear secret or public? Both? Do any past traumas affect their behavior or how they think?
  2. What makes them angry? We’re they taught to dislike or disapprove of anything as a child? What do they believe is wrong? What do they have no tolerance for? What are they ashamed of?
  3. What traits, if any, do they have that don’t always work in their favor? Positive traits that could become flaws in the right situation? A trait that could cause as many problems as it solves? What trait symbolizes the soul of the character? Any traits that may be holding them back?
  4. What are your character’s core moral beliefs?
  5. Does your character have a current goal?
  6. What’s the biggest mistake your character has ever made?
  7. Does your character care about how they’re perceived by others?
  8. Did your family have any traditions? This could be anything from eating only rye bread, to maybe traveling to a large festival every year. Or you could not have any.
  9. Do they have any natural talents?
  10. What do they like to do when no one is watching?
  11. Do they have a favorite anything? Color? Flower? Animal? Art? Etc.?
  12. Do they have a strong belief in something? EX: Dragons are real, rocks float, swords are better than maces…etc.?
  13. If your character were granted a wish, what would they use it for?
  14. What is 1 non-life-changing memory they have?
  15. Who, besides parents or guardians, was the most influential adult in their childhood? If any. Or do they have any mentors, and how do they feel about them?