Campaign Plot Member

Role and Responsibilites

Overview of the Role

A Campaign Plot Team Member (CPTM) is the organizer of and content creator for the in-game world of Nydabeth in Alliance Denver LARP (ADL). They will be required to write, run, and facilitate the campaign world based on actions taken by the Player Characters (PCs). Additionally, they are the group of individuals who work together to decide how the world reacts. They are the Non-Player Characters (NPCs) who work both during and between events to create a living, breathing world that is not only focused on the area where the PCs adventure, but also focused on the day to day lives of the NPCs that live, work, love, and die there.

Writing Campaign Events

The CPTM will be required to show up to events prepared with modules and encounters to run. The amount of content will often be agreed upon in regularly scheduled plot team meetings but event responsibilities will usually be an even split amongst members and that content will include both hooked modules and town battles. Those meetings are mandatory and during those meetings, a CPTM will be required to contribute new ideas to the campaign and interesting twists to further enrich the world. They must be able to demonstrate a clear idea about appropriate monster stating, or a commitment to learning how that is done. After each event, the CPTM will be responsible for updating both the player’s guide to include material from your campaign and informing any map changes that need to be made by ADL.

Running Campaign Events

A CPTM will need to commit to working with ADL to study for and pass the ADL Marshall Exam, as the knowledge it contains will assist with the role of creating a fully functional living world. The CPTM is expected to show up to events early to help prepare all aspects of running the event, and commit to staying late to help fully clean the site. That preparation includes module building setup, unpacking the tavern, prop construction, or last minute adjustments to the story they planned on telling that weekend or to the logistics of telling that story based on site restrictions/requirements.

Community Responses

A CPTM will often be required to respond to player inquiries during non-event times of the month. That response could either come in the form of an email inquiry requesting clarification of something that took place at the last event or it could be an in game post as an NPC to further a plotline or tease the community about upcoming events.

Additionally, the CPTM will be responsible for responding formally to In Between Game Actions (IBGAs) that are submitted by the ADL community. These responses will be informed by and thoroughly discussed at the regularly scheduled Plot Team meetings.

The CPTM will also be responsible for drafting and posting an event teaser to all official ADL social media outlets two weeks prior to the scheduled ADL event.


The Owners of ADL, as well as the community that the entire Campaign Plot Team serves, will endeavor to continuously award their plot members with abundant gratitude for their volunteered time and service! Without this role and this team, we would have no world to escape into. We remain so grateful for Nydabeth, and for all of your efforts in breathing life into the whole shard for us to enjoy each and every month. We truly cannot thank you enough!

The Campaign Plot Team Member will be awarded 300 Goblin Points per month upon submission of their Plot Report, outlining the modules that will be run at the next event, as well as the encounters each module contains.

The Campaign Plot Team Member will be awarded 250 Goblin Points per logistical period for attendance at an ADL event where they manage plot for the ADL community. The sizable award will be for service during the event as being among the first boots on the ground, setting up and running modules and town combats during the weekend, and then packing up and securing all of NPC Camp before departing the site.

The Campaign Plot Team Member may be awarded Dragon Stamps based on performance reviews of the event by the Owners of ADL.

The Campaign Plot Team Member will have all ADL event attendance fees waived for all ADL events attended in any capacity (i.e. as staff, as a player character, or non-player character), and additionally will enjoy free meals at all ADL sponsored events.

On appointment, and once per month of service, the CPTM will be awarded one Loyalty Point. These points can be saved or spent at the discretion of the CPTM. Each Loyalty Point spent will grant access to the Master Volunteer Loyalty Reward List, where the CPTM will be able to make one goblin point purchase per Loyalty Point they wish to spend on anything on that list. The Master Volunteer Loyalty Reward List is filled with a wide variety of awards that range from in game choices like production pools, one-on-one plot sessions for your player character, or customized magic items, to any of several out of game choices like special ordered and catered meals, Saturday morning gourmet coffee and bacon concierge service, or a scheduled, on site sessions with a masseuse! Please consult the Master Volunteer Loyalty Reward List document for a complete description of this amazing compensation from ADL.