Camp Cleanliness Policy

Alliance Denver LARP (ADL) has enjoyed an amazing relationship with our site, JJC Ranch Camp, for many years now. Facilitating that relationship and ensuring that we as an organization remain in good standing with our site remains one of our highest priorities! To that end, ADL continues to implement a stringent cleaning policy, which will be strictly enforced. Each cabin will have a Cabin Head assigned pre-event. That member is responsible for ensuring that ALL members of that cabin participate in the cleaning of their cabin and that the cabin is completely cleaned by the group of members that enjoyed that space during the event before leaving at the end of the event. (Cleaning the cabin also includes policing the area around it.) It is then the responsibility of the Cabin Head, to have the ADL Site Coordinator inspect their cabin and sign off on it being completely clean before the Cabin Head should leave the site. If the Cabin Head leaves and their cabin/area is left a mess, the Cabin Head, along with every community member that stayed in that cabin, will be fined $20.00 for the cleaning of the cabin/area.

Making sure that we are good guests of JCC Ranch Camp, and having the whole of our community participate in cleaning up after ourselves, will strengthen the relationship we continue to enjoy with our site and allow us to use the camp again at all of our future dates.