This is your Alliance

First Pillar: Don’t be a dick.


Purposefully destroying the community.

Negatively impacting member’s fun.


Second Pillar: Be inclusive.


Respecting player’s perception of themselves and their characters.

Zero tolerance for shaming in all its forms (i.e. build, costume, history, etc.) They may not be building their character like you would build your character and that’s okay!

Continued commitment to abolishing socio and racial bias in LARPs.

Third Pillar: You get what you give.


Provide a character history with us, submit an IBGA, get OTHER players involved in your part of our stories, and see that extra effort rewarded!

Donate props, costume, or makeup, spend time NPCing, or get involved with Alliance Denver LARP and see the community take notice.

This goes both ways. Is PvP a standard part of this boffer LARP system? Yes. Are there consequences for your actions, both in and out of game? Yes.