The Barony of Blackmoor

The timbre darkens around the very mention of this barony.  It is more often spoken of in hushed tones for this reason.  And while prosperous in definition, its merchants and farmers continue to live and work within its borders, it is the Barony of Blackmoor’s approximation to the Sea of Rowca that gives most pause when needing to travel close.  It is also said that those that find the courage to make the journey are rewarded for their effort with a warm reception by its citizens and unparalleled views of this coastal paradise.  Visitors find this paradoxical land to be nothing like what it is written about in history or told in tale.




(Baron) Lord Captain Broderick Montia


Three city’s worth in total

Major Philosophy


Major Societies

Longshoremen’s Guild Metalsmith’s Guild The Society of the Pearl Broadstone Guard

Major Commodities

Pearls Ships/Boats Metalsmith Tools Weapons Fish

Heraldic Colors

White (Pearl), Blue or Green (Sea)