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Create a Character

Alliance LARP has implemented a new nationwide database called the Character Management Application or CMA.

The CMA enables players to create their characters on their own without having to send multiple emails to logistics.

Player's Guide

An introduction to our world, containing information about Alliance, and advice and guidance on everything from character creation to camping needs.

Rule Book

The Alliance Rule Book contains all of the rules for every Alliance campaign.

It is full of color photos, graphs, examples, advice, and explanations of all of the rules. The ebook is in PDF form and is FREE!

Chapter Membership

Information about, and registration for, an annual Alliance membership.


Our Discord and forums are full of people that love to talk build and rules — if you’re struggling at all, reach out!

Upcoming Events

This is Your Alliance

Join our world now, and have the time of your life!

Events Location

Most of our events take place at JCC Ranch Camp — but please be sure to check the information on each event when you register, as location sometimes vary.